Euro Truck Simulator 1.3b

Simulation game realistically emulating the experience of driving European model semi-trucks on accurately modeled European roadways

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Euro Truck Simulator 1.3b
Euro Truck Simulator 1.3

Get behind the wheel of a variety of large trucks to start a career as a driver.

Choose from one of the several roads to drive on in Europe as well as a variety of trucks that are available. The scenery is beautiful as you're driving along in free play mode or in challenge mode. Your view can be either be one of looking out the windshield of the truck, which offers a realistic way of enjoying the drive, or controlling the truck while it's on the road with the gears and features at the bottom of the screen. The weather changes during the game, which is what you would expect if you were driving a real truck.

You can't really customize your truck that much, but you can choose the challenges that you complete. The credits earned when you complete challenges can be used to purchase more trucks that you can choose from when you set out on the road. You can also get batteries that last longer. Some of the challenges include delivering your cargo to its destination by a certain time and getting from one location to another as quickly and as safely as you can. You do have to abide by the rules of the road when you drive, so you can't speed or perform in a manner that is reckless because there is a possibility that you will wreck your truck. You can also choose the country that you want to depart from, which can sometimes indicate how long you're going to be on the road. The animations in the game are a bit robotic, but the details make up for this lack of attention. The sound effects are realistic, especially when you first take off on the road.


  • Fun challenges
  • Nice graphics
  • Upgrade trucks


  • Slow movements
  • Not many customization options
  • Saving can be tricky

Euro Truck Simulator is a game that allows players to drive tractor-trailer trucks across a virtual Europe, while seeking to make the most money possible. Players start out as freelance owner-operators, selecting a starting truck from among the several available. Newly anointed drivers then proceed to select loads from a variety on offer, seeking to pick those that will offer the best return for their driving efforts.

A relatively slow-paced game that might put off those who are used to more action, Euro Truck Simulator nonetheless has plenty going for it. While the act of driving a large truck through Europe's towns and countrysides while observing legal limits is not inherently exciting, it proves to be a pleasantly relaxing way to pass the time. Players who exceed those limits will come to regret it in the context of the game, too, as fines will accumulate, which will quickly wipe out any profits that might have been realized.

Players who stick to the rules, on the other hand, will find themselves acquiring stockpiles of cash that can be put to good use. Trucks may be upgraded in a number of respects, so that even the basic starter trucks can be turned into highly capable load-hauling lords of the highways. Players can, of course, buy entirely new trucks as well, and may even leverage their expanding stables into trucking businesses of their own. All the way, the game keeps a focus on the driving, but this business-building side of things can become very interesting and involving, as well.

There are other challenges awaiting players, as well. Eventually, just about every player will seek the credentials required to pull dangerous loads, including flammable chemicals and other hazardous substances, as these predictably pay more than routine ones. While the game points out the most direct route for each delivery, figuring out how to maximize profits by ensuring that each drop-off point will have a lucrative load available to pick up is a skill that takes some time to develop.

Released some time ago, the game is not at the cutting edge when it comes to graphics. It looks serviceable enough, though, and its age means that it will work fairly smoothly on even aging computer systems. With a number of patches having been issued, too, it is a stable, honed product, which is another advantage of its time on the market.


  • Deep simulation extends to business-building and other financial issues.
  • Basic act of driving a truck is re-created well and proves entertaining in a relaxing way.


  • Somewhat dated graphics will not impress those with high-end computers.
  • Pace of game may be a little slow for some

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